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I’m Emilija, an artist manager and company founder driven by the firm belief that success in the music industry should not come at the cost of one’s well-being. I started my career as an artist, then as a music journalist and now I work with up-and-coming artists helping them with their careers.

My core philosophy revolves around the creation of sustainable, long-term careers. Acknowledging challenges and parting ways respectfully when perspectives differ are vital steps. Victories, like the revival of Abii’s music after seven years, epitomise my dedication to nurturing talent in an environment where stability and creativity coexist harmoniously.


Since 2023 Abii and I have released 3 singles and a sophomore band's album 'Metanoiia'. Together we have reached outstanding achievements of over 260 thousand streams for an album, a Lithuanian Music Awards nomination for Best Rock Band of 2023, the release of 'Metanoiia' vinyl and over 10 live performances within 6 months period.

In 2021 with Joseph June we released four singles and an EP album, that received around 100 thousand listens on Spotify. Moreover, with Joseph June, we attended the Lithuanian Eurovision Contest and had five live performances while working together.

Joseph June


Genre: Electronic rock

Genre: R&B, pop


Since 2021 Vecera and I have worked together on five singles and an album. The pinnacle of our collaboration came to fruition with the release of the single “Explicit Love” in 2023, a bold and daring exploration of emotions and desires. My role extended beyond the studio, encompassing artist management, public relations, and grant approvals.

My role with Gabija Li has encompassed shaping artists' public image, enhancing her social media presence, and aiding in critical artistic decisions.. Additionally, we collaborated on innovative ad campaigns that effectively promoted her music, reaching fans and enthusiasts. Together we have released five singles.

Gabija Li

Genre: Avant-pop, experimental

Genre: Pop, R&B

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